Joint training program on Entrepreneurship in the field of AI for Industry 5.0     


This course is designed in such a way that it will be flexible in different ways: The Joint Entrepreneurship training programme describes Units about the entrepreneurship that can inspire students wanting to create a company. 

The specific Units about Business networks and Company visits are country specific, fully capitalizing on the territory where universities are located so as to facilitate the link between higher education institutions, companies and business centres. Multicultural groups of students can exchange experiences about their countries specificities to broaden their mind. 

The included manual on organising international seminars offers guidelines to teachers who are not used to this kind of multicultural program. However, it can be completed by the teachers’ own experience. The course has all high potential for personalisation depending on the users’ experience, professional fields, cultural specificities and countries and this is where they have added value.

Here  you can find units 2-12, on entrepreneurship and business of the Joint Training Programme

Here you can find units 113 , and  14  on AI in industry (Your country's version of the website contains your country's version of unit 13, the English version is about Cyprus).

Here  you can find the manual on organising international seminars