JoInME Project  

“JoInt Multidisciplinary training program on Entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence for industry 5.0”

Project Goal

The main goal of the JoInME project is to support higher education teachers in delivering quality education and training to higher education students (18-25 years old), no matter the gender or social background, in spite of an unstable economic situation worldwide, on the topic of entrepreneurship. This is achieved by offering an up-to-date joint intercultural and multidisciplinary training program on entrepreneurship in the field of AI for Industry 5.0.


(1) Case Study Workbook 
(2) Core materials of the Joint training program on Entrepreneurship 
(3) Specific material related to AI in Industry 5.0 
(4) Manual on organising international seminars 
(5) JoInME Personalised Assistant 
(6) JoInME Skills Retention Service  

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